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About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting?

URL rewriting is used when you want to convert dynamic URLs to static ones. Our URL rewriter module will help you with this conversion. Typically, website owners use an online url redirect generator as it saves them time and effort. Moreover, it helps to improve search engine optimization and SEO.

What are dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long strings of characters that include +, #,%, etc. Dynamic URLs inevitably change over time.

What are Static URLs?

Static URLs do not consist of a long string of characters, they are shorter than dynamic URLs, and do not change over time.

Webmasters and SEO professionals convert their dynamic URLs to static URLs because they are easier to remember and bookmark because of their immutability. Also, static URLs are preferred over dynamic URLs by search engines, so they help in your site's SEO.

If some of your website pages still have dynamic URLs, you should track them and convert them to static URLs using the free URL rewriting tool from Abtoolseo.

Why are we changing the URL structure?

The question arises, why do we need to change the URL of the dynamic page. I will explain this mechanism with a few examples. We use short and static URLs because they are easy to remember, contain a keyword, and can be search engine friendly. They can be easily bookmarked and will help you index your content quickly. According to international webmaster guidelines, they can rank well when compared to dynamic URLs. This work will be done using ".htaccess". we generate our code using the URL Rewriter and put it in the .htaccess file.

This file is always located in the root directory of your hosting control panel. This dynamic URL format can only work with the Apache Server hosting provider. You can view the status of the URL redirect on the internet. 

 The mechanism for ranking your short link is that search engines will find your file directory very quickly and easily and can share your page as a genuine source of information. Simple, short and clear permalinks are easy to understand and may contain a keyword.

About the URL rewriting tool

The Abtoolseo URL Rewriter is equipped with advanced URL rewriting software, which is based on a robust algorithm. Thanks to this, our URL rewriter tool is able to turn each of your dynamic URLs into static URLs in a matter of seconds.

However, our tool has certain URL rewriting rules that must be followed. For example, our tool only converts dynamic URLs to static URLs; and not vice versa. So, if you submit a static URL for conversion, our URL rewrite module will not complete the conversion process. Also, it will show you a message that your url is already static.

It is an all-in-one SEO software that helps businesses climb to the very top of the SERPs. In addition, Abtoolseo provides a wide range of tools that webmasters can use to manage their website, improve keyword research, and conduct in-depth link analysis. All our tools are free and easy to use; it's the same with our URL rewrite generator.

You can start by entering the URL that you want to convert to static and submit it by clicking Rewrite URL. Once you do this, our module will start the URL rewriting process and create a static URL in no time!

It doesn't matter if you need URL rewriting in PHP, IIS URL rewriting, or the popular Apache URL rewriting. Our online URL redirect generator is advanced enough to convert URLs that will work with all hosts.

Why URL Rewrite

Now that you know in detail what URL rewriting is, so let's move on to looking at the need for URL rewriting?

If you have a short URL, you can include keywords in it. Hence, whenever a search engine crawler crawls your website for indexing, it can read the keywords and understand the context of your page. If you have a dynamic URL, it will take a long time for the crawler to crawl your domain and index it. In this case, you need to use the XML Sitemap Generator, which can generate a sitemap for these links and upload them to the search console for indexing. Therefore, to save you this problem, it would be a great idea to use our URL rewriting software and turn all your dynamic URLs into static ones.

If you provide search engine crawlers with short query strings, rather than long ones, they will index your site faster, which will further improve your site's rankings and load times. This way you will have higher rankings, more traffic, and faster loading speeds by simply changing the URL from dynamic to static.

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