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About RGB to Hex

Color converter:

Hexadecimal RGB Color Converter is a free online color tool that converts visual RGB colors to text color (hexadecimal) that you can use when designing colorful web pages. All web colors are basically three colors, including red (R), green (G), and blue (B), and by mixing all three, you can create thousands of shades of color. Typically, there are ways to set colors in backgrounds, borders, fonts, and other components.

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Many people use the recognized color keywords, while other people use a more specific color system like HSL (hue, saturation, brightness). On the other hand, today we will talk about the two most common color identification conventions, RGB color code and hexadecimal (hexadecimal) color restrictions. You need to manually set the value of three colors and this wonderful tool will provide you with Hex, RGB and HSL color code that you can use in your web file and CSS file and make them according to your own thinking.

What is RGB Hexadecimal Code?

In the design area, as well as in the graphics field, we need a combination of colors. There are three color combinations, which are rgb (red, green, blue), hex (hex) and hsl (hue saturation luminance) color. used in HTML and other design languages. The high and low brightness color codes are remembered, but their intermediate color is not learned. Each combination is used as required. Our little SEO tool gives you options where you select the color requirement and it shows you the code according to high low scrolling red, green and blue colors.

How to use the RGB to HEX color converter:

It's simple. There are 03 primary colors in the RGB section: red (R), green (G), and blue (B). When used, you need to change the values ​​by dragging the highlighted section of all three colors. Preview your final color. At the end, click the convert button and three new color values ​​will appear, including hex color code, RGB color code, and HSL color code, where you can copy the code you want and paste it into your HTML or image editing software. So keep this RGB to HEX color conversion tool in mind anytime you design your web pages.

RGB to Hex color table

Color Name (R, G, B) The code
  Black (0,0,0) # 000000
  white (255 255 255) #FFFFFF
  red (255,0,0) # FF0000
  Lime (0.255.0) # 00FF00
  Blue (0,0,255) # 0000FF
  Yellow (255,255.0) # FFFF00
  Blue (0,255,255) # 00FFFF
  Purple (255 0 255) # FF00FF
  Silver (192 192 192) # C0C0C0
  grey (128 128 128) # 808080
  Burgundy (128,0,0) # 800000
  Olive (128,128,0) # 808000
  Green (0.128.0) # 008000
  Purple (128,0,128) # 800080
  Turquoise (0.128.128) # 008080
  naval (0,0,128) # 000080