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About Link Price Calculator

Many masters and owners of their sites do not have the slightest understanding about the prices of their links. To estimate the cost of your links, you will need our domain or link cost calculator. Link prices are what sites will charge you if you want to post your links on their site.

The question is, why do you even need to post your links on other people's sites? The answer is quite simple, search engines take these links into account when ranking your site. The more popular sites link to your site, the more chances your site has to rise in the rankings.

It takes hard work and ingenuity to become the leader in your industry on the Internet. The more links you place on your site, the more traffic you should get. Increasing traffic will help your site gain relevance and authority.


Do you need to understand and know the prices of your links? Here you will need our link grading calculator and SAS has a very good calculator. Enter your own or someone else's URL for the site you want to check. It will calculate and display the link prices in dollars. The price is for a month, not a day.

All link price calculators available on the Internet base their calculations on site popularity and traffic. The higher the ranking of the site, the more expensive the links to it will be.

Once you get that price, you are in a better position to negotiate with site owners looking to buy or sell links. Also, you need to be careful when negotiating link sales. You can agree to sell your link for a year, and after a few months you will see that the price of your links has increased significantly.

Link prices will constantly change as traffic to your site increases. More traffic means more popularity and therefore your link prices go up. If the traffic decreases, the link price goes down as well.

You will need to use the link price calculator in two scenarios. First, you want to buy a link to your site or sell links to your site. You will need to use a link cost calculator anyway, since you have no idea about buying / selling links.

Since the Internet is not limited to any one area and spreads all over the world, you do not know who is visiting your site and from where. Plus, you won't know how much your site or links to it are worth. This is where the link price calculator comes in handy. It will accurately calculate the value of your links and any site you want to link to.

You should use it if you plan to buy links to the site. Enter the URL of the site and you will get the cost of its link. If the owner charges a higher price, you can tell him or her that you checked their link price. Likewise, if you are offered to sell a link, you will be offered a bargain price. You can ask for more or ask them to check the link price and then talk to you.

Selling your website on the Internet using links is quite difficult, since everyone wants to make the most profitable deal. Using a link price calculator is only the first step in establishing a market price. The actual deal will involve several more factors. This is especially true if another site wants to display ads on your site. Then it becomes a different game as it is not only links, but also the space on your site that you sell.

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