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One of the harsh and bitter realities of your website's low reputation and rankings is dead links.

What are broken links?

You continue to create content on your site. Sometimes you want to change the appearance of the URL, and sometimes you remove or replace content. This activity can lead to broken links. So, whatever the reason, a dead url is a broken link on your website.

 Dead link effects?

Broken links not only affect your site's ranking, but also leave a bad impression on your site's traffic. You can not only lose ranking in the eyes of search engines, but also lose your customers.

What can we offer?

So, finally, you have the ability to parse the links to your web pages without any effort. We offer a completely new, unique and of course free tool to handle all of your site's URLs. You have nothing to worry about, this is our own headache. Just put your website domain in our Broken Link Checker tool and in a couple of seconds, you will see a report on every link on your site.

You will find many broken link analyzers or checkers with different names on the Internet, but you cannot rely on them. We have developed this tool with love and care. Our tools work 24/7 and guarantee 100% accurate results. We have taken into account all the needs of our consumers. After you test our Dead Link Checker tool   , you will definitely love the difference in speed and perfection. So what are you waiting for? Let's try it now! 

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