Save & Share screen captures instantly

03/20/2022 12:00 AM by M.Tech in Making money with articles

Get the Gyazo app to instantly screenshot, share, and bookmark..Capturing is uploading. After you capture we upload and copy a unique link that's private but ready to paste & share instantly.

Epic clips, easy communication.

Reliably save interesting and useful moments for your friends, your fans, and your coworkers.

Everything is saved .

Every capture is saved to your account together with its details. Get Gyazo Pro to search and organize all your captures fast.

Your Gyazo images are secure.

Until a Gyazo image link is shared, only the uploader can see it. How? The image link is encrypted, making it impossible for others to guess.
In addition, we prevent brute force attacks. This combo means people can not effectively guess and check to find links.


Millions of users. Billions of captures.
From eSports to enterprise, Gyazo is chosen for its simplicity, security, and speed.