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If you can prepare for exams and tests in one night or just write off, the diploma and coursework take a lot of time and effort. The option “download a suitable work, correct the name of the student and teacher, pass and get a grade” no longer works. Everyone already knows that every university is obliged to check the work for anti-plagiarism , and if it is recognized as copied, then it is not allowed for protection.

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And what, now really write yourself? And if this is a purely technical topic, and nothing new can be invented on it? And if a student is an adult correspondence student, who has a family and work, and simply does not have an extra month for a term or diploma thesis? And if you want to have fun and walk? Of course not. There are several known ways to go through anti-plagiarism with work borrowed from the Internet. Let's take a look at the most popular ones and evaluate their effectiveness.


Online programs that have synonyms for absolutely any word in the database. It seems that this is a great idea: just upload the text to the service, and it will change all the words and produce a new unique text that is identical in meaning. We are in a hurry to upset. It doesn't work anymore. Modern verification systems are able to distinguish the replacement of words with synonyms, and uniqueness does not change for the better! But even without this, the "minuses" of working with synonymizers were enough:

  • the endings were confused;
  • meaning was lost;
  • business style was not maintained;
  • punctuation errors were made.

Substitution of letters

A very cheeky option, but it often worked. The point is that the letters of the Russian alphabet were replaced by English ones. It was possible to change, for example, "a", "p", "c", "e", "x", etc. Visually, this was invisible, and the old verification systems showed a high uniqueness of mixed alphabet texts. Now anti-plagiarism will not allow this, and will highlight each word in which the letters will be substituted.


This method is already much more workable. Its essence lies in rephrasing each sentence. And the text is changed not by a machine, but by a person. That is, the above "disadvantages" of synonymizers are no longer possible here with a responsible approach to work. But if a student decides to rewrite on his own, then it looks pointless: he will spend the same amount of time on work as if he simply wrote it from scratch. What if the student also has problems with the Russian language? You can rewrite a job for a month, which will still be rejected at the university due to a large number of mistakes, although it will be unique. Hence, it is worth contacting specialists. But how? Either freelancers or employees of specialized organizations. Let's consider the options.


These are people who always promise to complete the work on time and in compliance with all requirements. How is it in practice? In 99 percent of cases, you will encounter one of the following problems, or maybe all of them at once:

  • freelancers violate deadlines (they are not burdened with responsibility);
  • some freelancers are illiterate;
  • the price can rise in the course of work;
  • the performer may simply disappear.

After giving your coursework or diploma to a freelancer, you rely on chance. Do not be surprised if you end up going to the teacher empty-handed. And also - a freelancer will need to pay at least 200 rubles for one page of text. A very dubious option, which is only suitable for rich risk-takers.

Employees of organizations

But if you turn to rewriters working in the company, then this is a completely different matter. Firstly, a rewriter is an employee who will lose his salary if he does not fulfill the order. Secondly, the specialist will be familiar with student work and the requirements of the manuals. Thirdly, you know the exact terms and price, which cannot change in the course of work. Fourth, the prices are more adequate than those of freelancers. For example, if you order a professional rewriting on our website, then in just 3 days you will receive a reworked work in compliance with all requirements. And such a text is guaranteed to be tested in any system. The cost of rewriting one page of text by our specialists is only 100 rubles, which is noticeably lower than the offers of freelancers.